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Testimonial Category: 2018

Highly recommend

I hired Mo Mokarram based on a referral of a friend to help me with my bankruptcy. He walked me through the process, explained everything,…

Human Bankruptcy Lawyer

I highly recommend Mo. He’s so great and easy to work with. He’s not your typical stuffy lawyer but rather a human lawyer who’s down…

Simply The Best!

Wow! I have used Mo’s services twice and each time he has been 100% on point with everything. I am so pleased to work with…

The Process

It’s was very easy to work with attorney Mo. He made me feel confident in my decisions and Guided me throughout the entire process! I…


Mohammad Mokarram made this process easy, and was very timely about everything. He was very easy to communicate with as well


Recommend Mo Mokarram. He explained the entire process and made it easy to understand. Guidance throughout made me feel at ease.

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