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Facing or dealing with bankruptcy can be a stressful experience.  The Law Office of Mo Mokarram will be attentive to your immediate legal concerns while helping you achieve long term goals or if you would like to discuss your rights and options in resolving a difficult legal situation. The comments below show we mean what we say.

Google Reviews - Mo Mokarram

Chapter 13 Help

Great follow up, service and representation. I appreciated the personnel interest not only in my business and personnel debt but the help outside the box regarding my home modification as well as my divorce and how it created other issues for me. Also my case was prepared for in a quick manner which was very helpful as I had a judgment against me and my wages were being garnished!



Mo was amazing, I was so nervous and he took the worry away immediately, and was able to get me a plan that worked. I was so releaved, so very thankful for his knowledge, compassion sand expertise. I highly recommend him.


Best experience ever

I was in a terrible situation with my wages being garnished. Within the first five minutes of my meeting with Mo, I felt secure and confident that I was going to get through this. I would recommend him to anyone who needed bankruptcy assistance.


Chapter 13

We originally were going to file Chapter 7, with a different law office,but after 2 years of no filing, the law office said they were not experienced enough to file a Chapter 13. So we were refered to Mohammad Mokarram.  Who took on our case , evaluated our situation and recommended to file Chapter 13. He had our paper work ready within a couple of weeks , he worked out a pay plan that worked for us. We then filed the Chapter 13.All this was done in within 1 month our sooner. We are completely satisfied with Mohammad Mokarram services he provided 100%.



Mo is an excellent lawyer. He was very honest, upfront, knowledgeable and provided his services at a reasonable rate. He answered all my questions and promptly replied to every phone call and email. I highly recommend Mo if you ever have to go through a bankruptcy. Mo made me feel comfortable during the whole process. Throughout, he explained everything that was going on. I can’t say enough good things about his office, very professional and easy to work with.


Rated “A+” Best Attorney in the entire Sacramento Area. We would Highly Recommend

We cannot begin to express our thanks and gratitude for all you have done for us. If not for you we would not be in our home of 15 years. You eliminated our tax and other debt and we are back on track. THANK YOU MO MOKARRAM for being the amazing human being and attorney that you are!!!!!


Excellent service and work

Mohammad is a capable and excellent lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone needing services of a bankruptcy attorney as was my case. He helped with all the paperwork and attended the hearing with me. He communication was great and everything went smoothly.


My Earth Angel

I wholeheartedly recommend Mo! He stepped up and made me feel like I could breathe again. There was no beating around the bush. He told it like it is and made me feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel. He responds quickly and always pleasant to talk to. An Attorney like no other.


Chapter 13

Mohammad is a excellent lawyer. I will recommend him to anyone needing bankruptcy services.
He is very professional and clear about the paperwork, filing and the court proceedings. He made everything quick and not so scary. He is really great in his communication style answers all phone calls and emails or texts very fast. I am so grateful to have had him help me.

Great Attorney

I retained Mo to complete my chapter 7 bankruptcy after being referred to him by my divorce attorney. He made the process very simple. He was thorough in his explanation of the process and what to expect during every step. I highly recommend him.



I hired Mr. Mokarram to file for bankruptcy. I encountered some personal matters that had to be taken care off prior to filling. He was patient and his professionalism was very helpful. I would definitely recommend him. He managed my case in a highly proffesional manner.



Mohammad worked with me to figure the best solution to my solve my debt. He kept me well informed of the process and my benefits of the choice I made. I recommend calling for an appointment with him if you have debt issues to find a solution for you. Thank you Mohammad.


Best Legal Representation and Counsel

Mo represented and saw me through a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. He provided a professional, no-nonsense experience to get the result I was hoping for in my case. His process was a fast paced timeline so I could move on with my finances. I appreciate his knowledge and direct responses to all my questions – especially to technical ones. A creditor contacted me months after discharge and Mo was immediately available with legal counsel. I hope I don’t need his services in the future but if I do, I will call him first. I highly recommend him.


Bankruptcy Client Review of Mohammmad Mokarram

I have worked with this attorney on my financial crisis’ for over 2 years. He extremely thorough, professional, yet congenial & very responsive to all of my concerns. We have been successful in turning dire financial circumstance around in the least stressful way.


Mo Mokarram as our Bankruptcy Lawyer

Mo was recommended to us by another lawyer after he couldn’t help us with our Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Mo helped us go through the proceedings and was always available to answer our questions during the 5 years it took to complete it. We would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone needing a good lawyer.

Tom & Deni

Highly recommend

I hired Mo Mokarram based on a referral of a friend to help me with my bankruptcy. He walked me through the process, explained everything, and was extremely beneficial! I couldn’t have done it without him! Not only was he there to answer all my questions but he gave me peace of mind knowing a professional was handling my case the way it should be. I highly recommend anyone who’s even thinking about getting a bankruptcy to see Mo! Thank you so much!


Human Bankruptcy Lawyer

I highly recommend Mo. He’s so great and easy to work with. He’s not your typical stuffy lawyer but rather a human lawyer who’s down to earth. He’s easy to get a hold of whether by phone or email and he responds quickly. He really listens to your situation and makes you feel at ease by taking the time to explain the process and giving you different options. He’s good at what he does and he will fight for what’s best for you. His fees are also reasonable. Thanks to him, I got a fresh financial start and I’ve been debt free ever since. If I could use him as my divorce lawyer, I would! Look no further, you won’t regret it! He will definitely take the weight off your shoulders.


Simply The Best!

Wow! I have used Mo’s services twice and each time he has been 100% on point with everything. I am so pleased to work with someone who is knowledgeable and compassionate about helping people in need. In my opinion, Mo is the best Attorney if you are seeking a BK. He will help you through it from A to Z. He won’t judge you for getting into debt. He understands that life happens and sometimes getting into to debt is out of our control. Thank you so much Mo for being the best at what you do. You are greatly appreciated.


The Process

It’s was very easy to work with attorney Mo. He made me feel confident in my decisions and Guided me throughout the entire process! I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Mo!



Mohammad Mokarram made this process easy, and was very timely about everything. He was very easy to communicate with as well

Grecia Cruz

Attorney Mohammad Mokarram is the Best!!!

Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection is not something that I ever thought I would be doing in my lifetime. However, after losing my job due to business closure and having a difficult time finding a full-time job, it was a difficult but necessary decision.

I met with Attorney Mokarram initially for a consultation to get all of the information necessary to make this important decision. My parents accompanied me for support when I met with Attorney Mokarram and he made us all feel very comfortable. He explained to us his education and background as well as very clearly explained the Bankruptcy Protection process. Attorney Mokarram took his time to answer all of our questions and made certain that we were satisfied and understood the answers. Since I was unemployed, obviously finances were an issue. Attorney Mokarram explained that if I was to choose to hire him, he would be more than happy to accept payments and when the fees were paid, that we would be able to file for Bankruptcy Protection. This was such a relief given my situation.

I never felt pushed or rushed in any way by Attorney Mokarram. He was very informative and patient. Attorney Mokarram always responded to my telephone calls or emails within an hour or usually less to answer my questions (and I had many). When it was time for us to have the signing meeting, Attorney Mokarram had all paperwork completely prepared and took his time to go over each section of what I was signing. Within an hour of signing all the paperwork, Attorney Mokarram had filed the papers, had a court date set, and emailed me my copies as well as the court date, time, and location. When we arrived at the Trustee Meeting, he made me feel very comfortable. This was so important to me because I have anxiety disorder/panic attacks. He took the time to not only explain what I should expect during the meeting, but he also took me to meet the Trustee, Mr. Michael Hopper. Both Mr. Hopper and Mr. Mokarram made me feel at ease.

My meeting went very smooth thanks to both of them. After the meeting, Attorney Mokarram explained to me what will happen over the next 60 days and that he did not see any issues arising with my case. He said that I should receive my discharge papers at or very soon after the 60 days by postal mail as well as by email from him. He said if I have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call or email him.

I feel that Attorney Mokarram has been highly informative, very accessible and available, efficient, prompt, friendly, and patient. I would give Attorney Mohammad Mokarram a 5-star rating and would highly recommend him to anyone considering filing for bankruptcy.


Competent, Professional, Efficient and a VERY GOOD LAWYER!!!

I was very pleased and happy in how Atty. Mo Mokarram handled my bankruptcy case. He was always on top of everything making sure I had all the documents needed and whenever I had a question, I would email him or call him and he would reply right away. Being in court this afternoon and hearing the previous bankruptcy cases ahead of me, I noticed some have to come back because of missing documents, and I’m glad because of Atty. Mokarram’s efficient work, I don’t have to come back because everything went A OKAY!

Also when I first went to meet him, I said I was nervous because of my situation, filing for bankruptcy, and he said not to worry, and it’s nice to hear someone comfort you when you’re down.
If a friend or a relative would need a bankruptcy lawyer, I would definitely recommend him.

In fact on our way home, I told my brother that I was glad a had a lawyer, cause he did a good job, very professional.


The Green Family

Myself and my husband have given Mr Mohammad Mokarram a rating of excellent for his professionalism, his knowledge, his non-judgemental attitude, and lastly his patience. Thank you again for your service to my family.

Albert and Linda Green

Incredibly Helpful

Mo was fantastic! He put me at ease in dealing with this awful situation. He guided me through the entire process so I knew what to expect. I have already recommended him to a few colleagues.



I would personally recommend him to anyone. He made me feel like family. And was very helpful in answering all my questions and concerns. I can’t of been happier with the service and patience he provided. Thank you


Personable, informative and experienced.

Upon our first conversation, Mo was great at listening to our circumstances, concerns and needs. He is very down to earth and personable. From consultation,to filing, through our court date-what we anticipated to be a stressful long drawn out process very smooth, comfortable and stressfree. He is great with communicating and keeping you updated. He returns phone calls and emails in a very timely manner. We are very thankful we connected with him.


Thank you, thank you.

Thank you, Mo for guiding us through our recent BK. As we watched other BK filers with their attorneys waiting for our turn to file Chapter 13, because of your professionalism and thoroughness in preparing us, our time having to respond was minimal and less stressful than we had perceived. In light of the other attorneys present with their clients who seemed unprepared and unprofessional, you preserved our dignity, acted professionally and your appearance was superior. Thank you again for representing us with your higher standards.


I refer clients to Mo!

I have referred few clients to Attorney Mo Mokarram over the years. Each time, the clients rave about the service Attorney Mo Mokarram provides. He is very knowlegable and cares about his clients!

Brian Bentzen

Everything went smoothly.

He did a great job handling my case and all the changes made in between. He was there to show me and tell me which step was next and what documents where needed so when we went to court everything went smoothly.

Gina Murphy

Incredibly Easy

I highly recommend hiring Mo. He handled my bankruptcy through its entirety and was so helpful and knowledgeable, and made such a negative life experience so incredibly easy.

Courtney Krilow

Kind and Helpful

Mo made a difficult situation so much easier to deal with!! He was so kind and very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone!!

MaryAnn Prosnik

Answers All Questions

Highly recommend Mo services he is a great attorney what I most liked was that he is there for you and answers all questions in a timely manner.

Rossy Silva

Exceeded my Expectations

Mo Mokarram is a great attorney. I don’t have a dog in this fight. I’m not a paid endorser. I’m not a friend of Mo Mokarram’s. But I am a former client. This is coming from someone who has had more bad experiences with attorneys than positive. Attorneys have been a waste of my time in the past. I’ll be honest with you. My significantly better half had Mo represent her and she recommended him to me. I was wary.

I was skeptical going in. But he immediately put me at ease in his office speaking in plain language, not legalese. He answered all of my questions and offered a leisurely payment plan. That was a plus because I didn’t know how I was going to pay him and over what time period. He made that easy for me.

I was never in the dark about anything. He explained everything to me and I could always reach out to him if I needed clarification on anything. He responded quickly to my questions.

When I went to court there he was, professional and holding my hand throughout the session. Figuratively, not literally, people. I have to say that I was skeptical going to see him because of my prior experiences but Mo exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to him if I needed to and I would recommend him to anyone.

If you’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy, Mo is the man to go to. He’ll go over your options and once you make the decision, the guy is in your corner. Make the call. I’m not kidding. I was a wreck before and I have my life back because of Mo.

John Wade


Recommend Mo Mokarram. He explained the entire process and made it easy to understand. Guidance throughout made me feel at ease.

Randolpg Gallegos


Mo did a great job handling my case in a very timely & efficient manner. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a bankruptcy attorney.

Rachel Person


He was so helpful and really took care of everything for me. Very nice and helped me step-by-step with my bankruptcy. Would definitely recommend him to everyone who wants attentive help!

Sheri Baka


Mo was very helpful and informative about every part of the bankruptcy process. His knowledge kept me stress-free through such a difficult time. I highly recommend his services!

Dana Anderson


I honestly cant say enough about Mo, he was there through my whole bankruptcy and always available for any questions and concerns I had. I highly recommend him! Mo I couldn’t imagine going through the process without you. You are truly amazing! Thank you again. For anyone looking to file or just for info about bankruptcy this is your guy…

Debbie Vega


When I first called I had to leave a voicemail and he had returned my call not even a minute later. I was nervous about filing for bankruptcy but he made the process feel very comfortable. He also got right to the point and everything was very quick. Took almost no time at all. He answered all of my questions and in the end made me look forward to being debt free. It was a positive experience and I didn’t think filing for bankruptcy was going to be but it was. If you need to file choose Mo!

Alexia Ballesteros

Very Helpful

I highly recommend Mo Mokarram. He’s an amazing attorney, very helpful. Answered all my questions and took great care of me throughout my bankruptcy. Would definitely recommend him.

Katia Ramirez


I highly recommend Mo. He’s so great and easy to work with. He’s not your typical stuffy lawyer but rather a human lawyer who’s down to earth. He’s easy to get a hold of whether by phone or email and he responds quickly. He really listens to your situation and makes you feel at ease by taking the time to explain the process and giving you different options. He’s good at what he does and he will fight for what’s best for you. His fees are also reasonable. Thanks to him, I got a fresh financial start and I’ve been debt free ever since. If I could use him as my divorce lawyer, I would! Look no further, you won’t regret it! He will definitely take the weight off your shoulders.

Lyn Bo

Legal Help

Filing for bankruptcy was the furthest decision from my mind. To be so young, with all the debt I had been stressing about, I needed legal help. I can say bankruptcy was the best decision I made at the time. I want to thank Mo for his outstanding services he provided. Without a strong understanding of what bankruptcy was, Mo took his time to clarify the ins and outs of what the process would consist of. He made the process stress free, was very professional, thorough and informative. Thank you again Mo for the genuine support you have provided to me and my family.

Monique Anderson

Mo was Awesome!

Mo was awesome! He explained all the benefits, drawbacks and strategies that I should consider when making such a big decision. We spoke about my rentals, about my equity, about other family members and what would be the best and safest way to move forward. I feel like he helped to set proper expectations even though it was not what i wanted to hear. Mo is honest and caring and he will take the time to properly educate you about the whole process so there are no surprises along the way. Thanks Mo!

Michael Monroe


I highly recommend Mo. I received great advice and he is very professional. The service he provided throughout the entire bankruptcy process was thorough and stress free. 5 star service from beginning to end!



Amazing attorney! Made my experience super smooth, he was very easy going and professional. Responds quickly and is very informative and thorough. Had such a great experience with him was able to work around my schedule as well. Definitely recommend him to everyone. Such a great guy!



Before meeting with Mo, I was scared about filing for bankruptcy. After meeting with him I felt extremely good about our decision. Mo is an EXCELLENT Attorney and couldn’t have made this process any easier for us. He always communicates what is going on and if we have any questions or concerns he is quick to answer with an email or a phone call. I would most definitely recommend Mo to anyone that asks! Thanks again Mo for helping us in this process

Jasmine Owens


If I could give more stars, I would! Amazing attorney!! I have never wrote a review before but, after meeting Mo, I just felt compelled to. He is very compassionate and knows his work. He doesn’t belittle or look down on you or your situation. His explanation is very easy to understand and transparent. Never had a problem getting a hold of him and is never in a bad mood, always happy to help. He puts your mind at ease. Can’t ask for a better attorney. Highly recommended and you will not be disappointed. Thank you Mo for all that you have done and continuing to work with us. You brought sanity and peace back into our lives.

Mey Cole


I highly recommend Mo as your bankruptcy attorney. He was available, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the entire process. He uses easy to understand language so that you don’t feel like you need a law degree to talk. Great experience!!!


Back Taxes

Attorney Mokarram helped me wipe out $122,000.00 in back taxes I owed from 2008! I was able to strip off my $94,000.00 2nd mortgage in my chapter 13 reorganization.


No Anxiety

After my initial consultation with Attorney Mokarram, I told him he was better than my therapist, since he took my anxiety way. I felt stress free after leaving his office.



Attorney Mokarram was very patient with us, he worked with us over a year knowing we needed to take our time filing bankruptcy. My wife was very emotional and cried at our first consultation. Mo understood our situation and used his expertise to save our financial situation!

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