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Attorney Mohammad Mokarram is the Best!!!

Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection is not something that I ever thought I would be doing in my lifetime. However, after losing my job due to business closure and having a difficult time finding a full-time job, it was a difficult but necessary decision.

I met with Attorney Mokarram initially for a consultation to get all of the information necessary to make this important decision. My parents accompanied me for support when I met with Attorney Mokarram and he made us all feel very comfortable. He explained to us his education and background as well as very clearly explained the Bankruptcy Protection process. Attorney Mokarram took his time to answer all of our questions and made certain that we were satisfied and understood the answers. Since I was unemployed, obviously finances were an issue. Attorney Mokarram explained that if I was to choose to hire him, he would be more than happy to accept payments and when the fees were paid, that we would be able to file for Bankruptcy Protection. This was such a relief given my situation.

I never felt pushed or rushed in any way by Attorney Mokarram. He was very informative and patient. Attorney Mokarram always responded to my telephone calls or emails within an hour or usually less to answer my questions (and I had many). When it was time for us to have the signing meeting, Attorney Mokarram had all paperwork completely prepared and took his time to go over each section of what I was signing. Within an hour of signing all the paperwork, Attorney Mokarram had filed the papers, had a court date set, and emailed me my copies as well as the court date, time, and location. When we arrived at the Trustee Meeting, he made me feel very comfortable. This was so important to me because I have anxiety disorder/panic attacks. He took the time to not only explain what I should expect during the meeting, but he also took me to meet the Trustee, Mr. Michael Hopper. Both Mr. Hopper and Mr. Mokarram made me feel at ease.

My meeting went very smooth thanks to both of them. After the meeting, Attorney Mokarram explained to me what will happen over the next 60 days and that he did not see any issues arising with my case. He said that I should receive my discharge papers at or very soon after the 60 days by postal mail as well as by email from him. He said if I have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call or email him.

I feel that Attorney Mokarram has been highly informative, very accessible and available, efficient, prompt, friendly, and patient. I would give Attorney Mohammad Mokarram a 5-star rating and would highly recommend him to anyone considering filing for bankruptcy.

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