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Mo Mokarram, Bankruptcy Law (BK) AttorneyHelping businesses and consumers with financial issues get Back on Track

Facing or dealing with bankruptcy can be a stressful experience.  The Law Office of Mo Mokarram will be attentive to your immediate legal concerns while helping you achieve long term goals or if you would like to discuss your rights and options in resolving a difficult legal situation. The comments below show we mean what we say.


"Attorney Mokarram was very patient with us, he worked with us over a year knowing we needed to take our time filing bankruptcy. My wife was very emotional and cried at our first consultation. Mo understood our situation and used his expertise to save our financial situation!"


"After my initial consultation with Attorney Mokarram, I told him he was better than my therapist, since he took my anxiety way.  I felt stress free after leaving his office."


"Attorney Mokarram helped me wipe out $122,000.00 in back taxes I owed from 2008! I was able to strip off my $94,000.00 2nd mortgage in my chapter 13 reorganization."



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